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Wells Fargo Bank

Adress: 980 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Tel: +1 561-393-3449
Website: wellsfargo.com
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Jean-Luc Belony
May, 14 2020
Wells Fargo is a good bank but the Bank at THIS LOCATION has terrible service. So today I deposited a check at a different bank early in the morning. Later I realized that most of my money was in my account but some of it wasn't. I checked my receipt and it said the rest would be in my account tomorrow which I found weird. So I went to the nearest Wells Fargo near me to get this fixed which was here. I walked up to the register and told the woman of my situation. She first replied "Oh that's normal for a large amount, the rest will come tomorrow". First I deposit checks around that amount all the time and never had a problem. So she's a liar and I called her out on it. Then she looks at my receipt from the other Wells Fargo and says "You have to go that branch and talk to the person on the receipt and ask him why he did that, I can't help you". That was the second thing that irritated me. She acted like NO ONE on earth could help me except for that one person at a different location. First I believe she doesn't know how to do anything except help people cash checks and deposit/withdrawal from their accounts. Second my account online shows proof that I deposited a certain amount and all of it wasn't deposited on the same day. She was trying her best to just get me out the door to go somewhere else. She really should have just called someone else or a manager.
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